[Mini Album] TWICE - #TWICE [Japanese]

[Mini Album] TWICE - #TWICE [Japanese]

TWICE - #TWICE (Japanese)

Since their debut in 2015, JYP girl group Twice has taken K-pop by storm with a quick succession of adorable dance hits. With three Japanese members (Sana, Momo and Mina) in the lineup, the group is also uniquely poised to enter the Japan music market. Twice’s first self-titled Japan album comes with both the original and Japanese versions of their chart-sweeping hits “Like Ooh-Ahh,” Cheer Up, TT, Knock Knock and Signal.

Release Date: 28-06-2017
Genre: J-Pop
Language: Japanese
Bit Rate: iTunes Plus AAC

Track List :

  • 01. TWICE - Like OOH-AHH (Japanese Ver.)
  • 02. TWICE - CHEER UP (Japanese Ver.)
  • 03. TWICE - TT (Japanese Ver.)
  • 04. TWICE - KNOCK KNOCK (Japanese Ver.)
  • 05. TWICE - SIGNAL (Japanese Ver.)

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