[Mini Album] 2PM - Still 2:00pm

[Mini Album] 2PM - Still 2:00pm

[EP] 2PM (투피엠) - Still 2:00pm

It’s always the Hottest time of day in Korea with 2PM around. Everyone’s favorite K-pop beast idols just held their first concert in early September, and they’re set to debut in Japan later this year, but before that the group is dropping the new mini-album Still 2:00 PM. Fans are raving about the members’ new looks and acrobatic moves in the album teasers. With JYP as well as frequent collaborators Super Changttai and Tommy Park among the producers and composers for the mini-album, expect more addictive dance hits from 2PM including their red hot single I’ll be back.

Release Date: 11-10-2010
Genre: Dance
Languange: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3 - 320kbps, 192kbps & 128kbps

Track List :

  • 01. 2PM (투피엠) - Still
  • 02. 2PM (투피엠) - I’ll Be Back
  • 03. 2PM (투피엠) - 니가 나를 떠나도
  • 04. 2PM (투피엠) - I Can’t
  • 05. 2PM (투피엠) - I Know
  • 06. 2PM (투피엠) - Dance2Night
  • 07. 2PM (투피엠) - I’ll Be Back (Club Mix)

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